Monday, August 17, 2009

Guy Ritchie and New Girlfriend pictures

Guy Ritchie has finally moved on but Madge can be really sticky. While Ritchie has found a new girlfriend, Mellany Gandara, Madonna has been rendered to be a bigger fool as she’s split up with her sole hope, Jesus Luz. Supposedly, differences between Madonna and Luz popped up when she returned to talking terms with Guy Ritchie.

Poor Material Girl, she doesn’t have friends like her ex-hubby has. It was Robert Downey Jr. who introduced Ritchie to his new lady love.

The newly made couple has been spotted several times together and a source says, “She looked very at ease in his company.”

Now, the pop star can just flaunt her adoption pleasures to show how ignorant she is to these materialistic delights.

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